Management Team

Joseph Baron, MBA (Co-Founder, Director & CEO)

Partner at Extera Partners, CEO of Janus Biotherapeutics, SVP of Corporate Development BioAssets (Sold in 2009 to Cephalon), M&A Team, Millennium Pharmaceutical, Consultant, Booz Allen, MBA Harvard Business School, MS Stanford

Jonathan Reis, MD MBA (Co-Founder, Director, Head Corporate Development)

Managing Partner at Extera Partners, Former CEO Censa Pharmaceuticals (Sold in 2020 to PTC), Head Life Science Armory Securities, Founder & Board Member at Janus Biotherapeutics, Intera Oncology and Acer Biopharmaceuticals (ACER NASDAQ), MBA Harvard Business School

Melissa Joseph, PhD (CMC)

Founder of Chymesis LLC, extensive research, CMC, and project management experience with Banner and Targacept. Duke University, PhD, Analytical Chemistry

Garet Heintz (Regulatory)

Director at Therapeutics Inc., various regulatory positions with Paraxel, Pacira Therapeutics, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Barry Francis (Quality Assurance)

Fifteen years hands-on experience in QA-GLP & with big Pharma, biotech and CRO from Phase I to Phase IV in a diversity of therapeutic areas

John Ratcliffe (Interim CFO)

Partner at Pavento, Ratcliffe, Renzi & Co. Various interim CFO positions (e.g., Censa Pharmaceuticals)